Project Info

01 Apr, 2016


Maber Architects

Main Contractor:
Interserve Construction


This was the first project Elite used the Senior Architectural PURe© thermal window to great effect.

There were a high number of automated opening windows on the project and a high number of manually winding gear opening windows which were carried out by SE Controls. Daylighting was a key consideration for this project and the windows were chose with the composite way the windows were configured with mullion and transom inserts within each window in mind.

The client also didn’t want visible white sight lines. The sight lines needed to be as slim as possible. So by using the PURe© window we are able to bead from wither side of the section which created a rebate either side of the window. This helped make the whole project out of all the same profile and just glaze it from either side and put an opening window in either side of the sash so they could have an open in window in the same composite to an open out window. So a very universal system for that process.

The Result

A very neatly finished looking building which through the nature of the windows and SF52
curtain walling was able to brighten up and insulate the building better.



• Senior Architectural PURe Windows

• SPW600e Windows

• SF52 Curtain Walling

• SD Doors

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