Project Info

01 Jun, 2013

Solihull Council


Glancy Nicholls Architects

Main Contractor:
Morgan Sindall


An extremely interesting building with its layout and construction which we delivered our first use of a brand new curtain wall product from Senior Architectural the SMR800.

This was the first time we had used a concealed vent on and it wasn't short of it's challenges as the glass had to be bonded to a carry frame. This was carried out by Structural Sealants to bond the glass to the opening sash. The design enabled the appearance to simulate the look of non opening windows and from a distance just like a frame of glass without a frame.

The project had lots of automated opening windows which are fitted with rain censored and all wire ways had to be concealed so there were no visible sign of them on the windows or the curtain wall system. The finished job looking visually extremely neat and tidy. The vast amount of fasciated frames in the build created an extremely bespoke build.

The Result

A very striking and ergonomically different school building.


• Senior Architectural SMR800 Curtain Walling

• SPW501 Doors

• SMRF concealed vents

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